How to make your own Creepers

Want to have your own pair of these amazing sneaker Creepers?

  • Flat Lace ups shoes- Could be Vans, Converse or high tops –High Tops provide more support for your ankles) ,
  • Three pairs of rubber thongs, give or take depending on how high you would like your creepers. You may find that you will need a larger size of thongs than what would you normally wear.
  • Shoe glue – I used 2 tubes.
  • Scissors
  • Large serrated knife
  • Ink pen or pencil
  • Plasti-Dip liquid rubber paint
  • Sponge paint brush
  • Rubber bands
  • Rubber Gloves- So you dont get glue all over your hands

Step 1: Clean the Shoes

  • Ensure that before you start making the shoes that they are thoroughly cleaned, Use Mentholated Spirits or nail polish remover to do so. (It’s essential to make sure everything is clean as dirt and moisture prevent glue from making a secure bond.)

Step 2: Dismantle Flip-Flops

  • Use strong scissors to cut the thongs away from the flip-flips so you can push them out through the bottoms. Keep the toe thong pieces. On a left and right flip-flop, use the toe thong pieces to plug the holes. These flip-flops will be your base layers.

Step 3: Glue The Layers Together

  • In a an open well ventilated area, squeeze the shoe glue onto the top of the base layer so most of the surface is covered. Place a second flip-flop layer on top, lining it up with the toe thong pieces (think of these as anchors, holding the layers together with the glue). Continue with the third layer in the same way.

Step 4: Leave Platforms To Dry

  • Place the platforms in a safe place and use books and/or weights to apply pressure. If glue squeezes out the sides, use a paper towel or swab to clean away. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours.

Step 5: Outline And Cut Out Platforms To Match Sneakers

  • Place your sneakers on top of the platforms and line up so that you’ll have to cut out the least area possible. Use an ink pen or pencil to trace an outline of the sneakers on top of the platforms. With a large serrated blade, slowly and carefully saw the excess platform material away using the outline as a guide.

Step 6: Glue Platforms To Sneakers

  • In the same way you glued the platform layers together, glue the platforms to their corresponding sneakers. More than likely, the toes of your sneakers will want to pull up away from the glue. Bind the shoes to the platforms with rubber bands. Again in a safe place, use weights to apply pressure and allow to dry for 24 hours.
  • You now have a pair of functioning platform shoes! However, we’re not done yet…
  • You’re probably tempted to try these one at this point. Go ahead! You may notice that your heels squish down into the soft platforms a little bit–not enough to throw you off balance–but they may feel a little moon-bouncy. Don’t worry. The next step will solidify and stabilize the platforms, as well as make them more presentable and durable.

Step 7: Cover Platforms With Plasti-Dip (Liquid Rubber)

  • In a well ventilated area, use a sponge brush to carefully paint one layer of Plasti-Dip liquid rubber over the platforms. Careful with this stuff! It’s very difficult to get off your skin if it touches you, and it’s pretty toxic. Repeat with two more layers, allowing 30 minutes between coats for each layer to dry. Clean your brush with a paper towel between each coat. DO NOT rinse your brush in water. You will basically ruin this brush but that’s okay because they’re cheap. When you’ve made it to three coats, allow to dry for 4 hours.


Awesome Creepers On Etsy

I have recently become OBSESSED with Etsy- anything you want from Vintage goods, Handmade items, Shoes, Clothing, Art, Photography, Jewelerry and knick knacks,  you’ll find it on Etsy !


These ORIGINAL Custom Lisa Frank platform creepers are hand made and completely covered in vintage lisa frank stickers and with a plastic sealant to ensure that the stickers dont come off, The creepers are Jeremy Scott Runway Fall 2012 inspired. These Creepers will add colour and fun to any outfit.


Purple People Eating Creepers

The Original Creeper

Definition: Creepers
A type of platform shoe that men and women of the alternative scenes wear. They come in a myriad of designs and colours.

The black 3 inch creepers were the first pair of creepers I ever bought, Originally worn by goths and punks in the 90s. Creepers have escalated into being an edgy fashion statement worn by hipsters and fashionistas who if dare to wear them add wow factor to any outfit.